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Aberdeen 190089

Very correct ram with clean head and great topline. Smooth shoulders and a heavy hindquarter. Raw data at scanning was impressive.


SIRE Kurralea 170501
SOD Hillcroft 130156
BWT 0.49
WWT 11.2
PWT 17.6
DAM Aberdeen 150155
PEMD 2.8
EQ 144.6
PFAT -0.5
TCP 154.4

Valma 97-15

Valma 97-15 was purchased as a current trait leader for growth, eating quality and carcase plus in the country under Lambplan. Outstanding looking sire with proven progeny on the ground.

SIRE Hillcroft 497-13
SOD Valma 339-13
BWT 0.57
WWT 11.0
PWT 17.0
DAM Valma 339-13
PEMD 2.8
EQ 146.2
PFAT -0.6

Aberdeen 533-17 (tw)

Aberdeen Keeper Ram 533-17 has the whole package. Excellent ASBV’s figures against all traits. This ram certainly displays all the visual elements to confrim this. Top 1% for Growth, Carcase Plus and Eating Quality. Also in top 5% for Muscle.  Click here to view video footage. Aim to have semen available in mid-October. Cost will be $50 per dose.

SIRE Aberdeen 5-15
SOD Hillcroft 156-13
BWT 0.38
WWT 12.7
PWT 18.8
DAM Aberdeen 108-15
PEMD 3.3
EQ 150
PFAT -0.4