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One of our main breeding aims is to provide our clients with good breeding and quality genetics which goes a long way to improve the performance and profitability of their stud or commercial lamb operation.

Using consistent bloodlines and following the markets are key factors in breeding quality prime lambs. We endeavour to breed sires of true characteristics. Some of these traits involve extremely high growth rates, plenty of style, robustness, clean points and focus on good length of carcass to produce a higher yielding lamb.

Now with Lambplan, we can give independently measured figures for weight gain, fat cover and eye muscle. We believe poll dorsets are the number one meat sheep breed and is well positioned to play a major role in the expanding prime lamb market.



Aberdeen Rams are my choice because they have fantastic growth rates and figures without losing sight of the "real thing", length, shape and muscle.
I weaned 60% of my lambs onto Woolworths to average 24kg (cwt) at 15 weeks of age, 2 years in a row. The rams speak for themselves.


We trade and finish a number of lambs in our feedlot. We keep a close eye on the performance of all lambs that we finish. Consistently, our own bred lambs utilising the Aberdeen genetics outperform all other lambs. Whether it is for trade weights or the heavy export markets, we get exceptional weight gain without them laying down too much fat. We couldn't be happier with the Aberdeen rams as they tick all the boxes of structure, shape and exceptionally high figures. They certainly give us a great return on our investment.