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Our aim is to give you as readers a great insight into our sheep enterprise but more importantly what we can offer to you as clients involved in the sheep industry to enhance your prime lamb production for greater market value by improving the performance and profitability of your enterprise.

We look forward to Aberdeen’s 53rd Annual Ram Sale on Tuesday 3rd October 2017, commencing at 1.30pm. Please feel free to attend our sale day. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided. Inspection welcome from 11.30am.

Aberdeen’s 2017 Elite Stud Rams¬†(Please view photos and videos under the ‘For Sale’ Heading)

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Ben Robilliard, Old Junee

Aberdeen Rams are my choice because they have fantastic growth rates and figures without losing sight of the "real thing", length, shape and muscle.

I weaned 60% of my lambs onto Woolworths to average 24kg (cwt) at 15 weeks of age, 2 years in a row. The rams speak for themselves.

James Male, Yerong Creek

We trade and finish a number of lambs in our feedlot. We keep a close eye on the performance of all lambs that we finish. Consistently, our own bred lambs utilising the Aberdeen genetics outperform all other lambs. Whether it is for trade weights or the heavy export markets, we get exceptional weight gain without them laying down too much fat. We couldn't be happier with the Aberdeen rams as they tick all the boxes of structure, shape and exceptionally high figures. They certainly give us a great return on our investment.

Justin Buchanan, JLB Livestock & Property, Coleambally

I have been purchasing Aberdeen Rams for my clients for over 25 years. Their progeny has performed year in and year out providing producers with healthy returns. They have great muscle, shape & structure backed up with very good figures.
Simon and Melissa have elevated the quality of their Rams in recent years across their sutd. They are passionate and very particular in producing high quality Rams for their clients which we all benefit greatly. I coudn't be happier with the quality of Aberdeen's Rams and have no hesitation in recommending them to new & existing clientele.